Stump Removal Services

Tree stumps can be unsightly and a real obstacle for landscaping and construction projects. Many arborists services will not provide stump removal services in favour of using companies such as ourselves with specialist stump removal equipment. Our services include;

  • Stumps of any size
  • Stumps in tight locations
  • Palm and yucca stumps
  • Bamboo removal
  • Shelter belts
  • Hedges
  • Orchard work including avocados, kiwifruit and citrus
  • Land clearing

Our Rayco 74 grinder with a 71cm cutting wheel.

Tight spots are no problem!

Paul on the walk behind Rayco grinder.

Stump Grinding

We grind stumps of all shapes and sizes within the Tauranga area and travel as far as Matamata, Rotorua and Whakatane for larger jobs. From small citrus tree stumps to large shelter belts, we have the gear and expertise to tackle any size job.

Our large tracked stump grinder allows us to grind to up to 75cm below the ground level while our smaller 4 wheeled machine will grind to a depth of 35cm. We will discuss the grinding depth with you when providing the quote, the depth will largely depend on what you want to do with the area afterwards, for example if you were to re-grass you may only want to go to 15cm, this would also reduce the cost of the job. We may need to discuss reducing the depth if utility assets such as fibre or gas lines are within the area.

Our stump grinders are self propelled allowing for easy movement on hills and mounded landscapes. Our tracked machine allows us to get into areas where wheeled machines simply can’t access. Our 2 smaller machines are on soft tyres which reduce the impact on lawns and concrete. The front of the stump grinder has a large rotating disc with cutting teeth which grind the stump and surrounding soil into a mixture of wood chips, sawdust and soil.

Before starting to grind, the area needs to be free of hazardous objects such as rocks and branches. If you’re trying to minimise cost, we recommend clearing the area before we arrive.

Our new Rayco 35 grinder at Matua School.

Shelterbelt stumps removed.

Stumps against the fence? We can remove it. 

Utility Assets

Utility assets carry vital services to your home or business which include water, electricity, communications and gas. While we generally work above utility assets we still need to take all the necessary precautions in accordance with work and safety regulations. We provide a free service to identify what utility assets are on your property. During this process many of the utility providers will provide detailed plans on the location of their assets, in most cases they are happy to do this free of charge for obvious reasons. For physical asset location services charges will apply, in all cases a quote will be provided beforehand.

Top Soil, Replanting and Lawn Seed

Once the stump has been removed you will be left with wood chips and sawdust. The problem with wood chips and sawdust is that it changes the composition of the soil and as a result the area will not be ideal for replanting.

Sawdust and wood chips are high in carbon, the carbon from these materials absorb the nitrogen within the soil in its quest to decompose. Once the sawdust and chips decompose the soil will be richer, however this process usually takes a couple of years. Planting in soil with low nitrogen levels can result in yellowing leaves and stunted plant and grass growth.

We provide a waste removal service which replaces the sawdust, wood chips and soil with new top soil. We can also sow seed for your new lawn and replant if required. An alternative option to removing the waste is to use a nitrogen fertiliser which helps break down the wood waste and rebalance the soil.

Very large stump and root structure.

Our machine getting to work…

Finished job after several truck loads of mulch.

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Customer Feedback

We have a 5 out 5 star ranking on Google. Feel free to share your experience with us directly. 

  • Excellent service; quick, punctual, friendly, helpful, tidy...great value and wonderful job done. Can’t fault Paul and the work he did in any way. Highly recommend!

    Nicola Mulgrew
    Nicola Mulgrew 5 Stars - Reviewed on Google
  • Paul did a fantastic job today and left everything really tidy. He is also really great to deal with.

    Denise Fellows
    Denise Fellows 5 Stars - Reviewed on Google
  • We needed 8 stumps removed asap and was given Paul's phone number. He came the next day, gave us a very reasonable quote on the spot, and went ahead, resulting in a super job! Paul was really easy to talk with. He had efficient machinery, using excellent protection from flying wood chips and the job was finished in a short time. We recommend Bay Stump Removal to anyone. Thank you Paul.

    Graham Burgess
    Graham Burgess 5 Stars - Reviewed on Google
  • Took my tree and surrounding stumps out quickly and affordably - glad to have such a great value business for all to use in the Bay of Plenty!

    Fiona Brown
    Fiona Brown 5 Stars - Reviewed on Google
  • Fully recommend Bay Stump Removal to any of our friends and family now. Fast response to out enquiry paired with friendly follow up to get the job completed efficiently and quickly. When on site all work was communicated clearly and really went the extra mile, while still completing the job on budget on time and to our expectation. Very fair price and really friendly service. Don't hesitate to give Bay Stump Removal a call.

     Corbin Connor
    Corbin Connor 5 Stars - Reviewed on Google